Managed Hosting

Managed Hosting


When you run business critical application and 100% uptime is what you need choose our Managed Hosting service to run your IT infrastructure on dedicated infrastructure or on cloud infrastructure. Our dedicated team of CloudZme experts are available 24×7 to monitor your infrastructure (dedicated or cloud) and ensure always on availability to ensure your business continuity is maintained.


Managed Hosting from CloudZme frees you from the demands of infrastructure management, and ensures the availability of your data and services. Few of our Managed Hosting features are


  • Choose the level of control (Full or Partial) of your infrastructure by our team
  • No long terms commitments
  • Flexible management options up to and including the OS and beyond
  • Modular approach. We tailor the service that is right for you
  • Proactive management of and reporting within your environment leads to optimal performance and always-on availability, and frees up your IT staff to contribute to more value-added activities


Managed Hosting options from CloudZme


  • Managed Colocation Hosting
  • Managed Dedicated Server Hosting
  • Managed Cloud Server Hosting
  • Managed Database Hosting
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